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Investor Corner

Investor Corner

At Risara we make your ‘Investing as well as Living’ experience as pleasurable as it can be.

Why invest in Risara Properties?

At Risara we believe you live in your home, but your home stays with you.

Our experience in the construction of residences has not just enriched our know-how of the building trade but has also let us be a witness to people’s progress with a change in lifestyle. We make homes that push you to want more from life. We make homes that make you want to come home after striving for the ‘more’ that you want from life. We look at this as a huge responsibility to be able to create such homes for people that will measure up to all their current and future aspirations.

Objectively speaking, 90% of people buy a home just once in their lifetime. Hence when people choose, we wish them prudence and awareness to be able to make the right decision. We craft our developments after careful consideration of the points mentioned below:

Value for Money
At Risara Properties, our projects are designed not just to boast about luxurious amenities, but also keeping in mind their sustainability and maintenance from the residents’ point of view. It is only after a careful review that we pick out the finest products that constitute the amenities in our projects, such that our residents do not have to incur extra costs for its maintenance and so that what’s made beautiful stays beautiful in the years to come.

Accessibility of the Location
Every project by Risara Properties is developed after the assessment of its accessibility to utilities such as schools, hospitals, recreational places, convenience stores etc. We also consider the basic development scenario in the location to ensure electricity and water supplies and also other infrastructure such as roads, bridges, transportation etc. These factors make the location liveable at the same time render value for the appreciation to our projects.

Returns on Investment
Be it for self-use or as an investment, our homes are priced to give optimum value to our clients. Our rates are always at par with other developers in the location however a careful study will show you that with Risara you always get more for the same price. Hence our projects fetch higher rents and due to its maintenance and planning with respect to sustainability, they fetch a higher appreciation over its cost price if one intends to sell the apartment in the near future.

Besides these Risara homes come with a Brand Promise of diligent and prompt service and top-of-the-line customer care. We handhold our clients with respect to every aspect concerning the process of their purchase right up till their possession and hand-over. Our success comes from Happy Customers and we leave no stone unturned to accomplish that happiness.

Why invest in Goa

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when asked about Goa? The tranquillity of its air, beaches and equally fun nightlife. Goa is the best place to go and have fun, make unforgettable memories. Over the years Goa has been a very popular tourist destination. ‘Thinking about going on a vacation? Go Goa’ is a universal notion.

Owning its reputed tourist magnetism, Goa is often overlooked for a place worth living your life in. The celebrity of Goa is its nature and not only nightlife. Goa is home to several beaches, authentic Portuguese-Goan architectural frameworks, ample spaces breathing fresh air and away from the chaos. Goa is an ideal location to reside in. Plenty of various job opportunities and a lot of options for business, availability of land and amazing infrastructure with Risara Properties are the principal influences for a permanent stay in Goa.

Due to unending visits of countless tourists from all over, the requirement for hotel accommodation or like Airbnb has increased a lot. This is the golden opportunity to invest in Goa’s real estate. You can just buy a property and rent it out for higher returns. One can purchase fully furnished ready-to-move-in lavish home and make it available for the tourist to stay like a hotel, making it your secondary income source.

Goa is a hugely enchanting tourist destination in India bringing large investments to the state. It is well connected to other cities in India through rail, road, air and sea routes. Goa enjoys the status of having the highest per capita income in the country with a growing economy supported by the service and manufacturing industries.

The government of Goa plans to attract 6 million tourists in the next 5 years from 2.6 million currently through improved tourism infrastructure and entertainment facilities. The real estate market in Goa is sure to thrive on expected flourishing the hospitality and tourism business in India as it is going to retain its positioning.

The booming real estate sector in Goa is becoming a prime area worth parking big money for investors. The positive aspect of Goa’s real estate is that there is something for everyone, suited to different budgets. Goa is also fast emerging as a prime destination for buyers looking at a second home and for those looking at long-term investments in real estate.

Non Resident Indians (NRIs) can make real estate investments in India freely without any cap on the quantity or the number of investments. As foreign nationals, they can own property in India but sell property only after three years from the date of acquisition for the property or from the date of payment of the final instalment of the consideration for its acquisition. It is hard to think of a better way to take advantage of the appreciated dollar.

Supply is lower than demand in Goa due to the following factors:

• Clear title of land ownership is scarce.
• Goa follows complicated Portuguese land laws which make it difficult for major players outside Goa to get into and control the supply rate of local real estate market, unlike other Indian states.
• Experienced developers based in Goa like Risara Properties and a few others maintain supply in proportion to demand.
• Goa has a plenty of sloping sites which, either cannot be developed by law or are not financially feasible for development, thus keeping the supply rate in check.