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Risara Properties

Risara Properties
Envisioned to Upgrade

Risara stands committed to creating new benchmarks in holistic living habitats that meet all the health, fitness, rejuvenation, comfort, pride and lifestyle needs.


When thoughtfulness to pamper reaches a paramount degree, Luxury is just a by-product. Born out of persistent efforts to upgrade lifestyles, Risara Properties has achieved its luxury positioning serendipitously out of being perceived as Luxury, since its unique offerings have been unmatched and trendsetting.

Striving to go beyond Luxury, Risara Properties has emphasized understanding the components of Luxury and upgrading it by making it Intelligent. Risara projects are high on design, aesthetics and functional prudence. The company constantly benchmarks against the best global practices in architecture, lifestyle features and amenities aspects of its projects. Risara stands committed to creating new benchmarks in holistic living habitats that meet all the health, fitness, rejuvenation, comfort, pride and lifestyle needs. Managed by a highly professional and dynamic team, Risara is a values-led organisation that keeps customers at the heart of everything.

Vision & Mission




To make Luxury Accessible and Affordable.
Luxury is more about Sophistication and Class rather than being Expensive. Since Taste and Awareness governs our choices of sophistication and class, Luxury has become the domain of a select few. At Risara Properties, we are on a mission to refine tastes and spread awareness about contemporary lifestyle, such that what feels like Luxury today, becomes a way of life for everyone in the times to come.

Core Values of Risara Properties

Fuelled by SPICE, Risara Properties firmly draws inspiration from its Core Values that form the grounds of its evolution.


The most inimitable virtue that distinguishes Risara Properties from its contemporaries is its Service to Customers. We set trends and create benchmarks for others to follow. But the one aspect of ours which cannot be copied is our Service, which comes straight from the heart and is ingrained in every human resource of the organisation right from the grass-root level.


We fuel all our pursuits with Passion. Our passion is what makes all our offerings heartfelt. We don’t just do all that we can, we do all that it takes to ensure our clients get the best value for their faith in us.


Integrity is the foundation of our every activity. Be it the internal teams, external stakeholders, customers or vendors, we strive to standby every commitment.


Our journey to becoming the Best Real Estate Developer in Goa stems from continually improving our systems and processes besides staying updated in terms of knowledge with respect to materials and best practices to be able to deliver nothing but the best.


Achieving excellence in all aspects of functioning is our constant endeavour to which we pump up the standards consistently.


Meet the team

Risara is the cluster of dynamic, enthusiastic and some of the finest minds. Know our team for a closer look at how we do what we do.

Gaurang Suctancar

​Managing Director

An Architect by profession, Mr Gaurang Suctancar has all the traits of an accomplished entrepreneur. He ventured into business with a marketing company that sharpened his entrepreneurial skills

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Honours and Awards

Being recognized for the exceptional work we do is our greatest honour.

Business Goa Awards 2017 – Real Estate Brand of the Year

Business Goa Awards is Goa’s most prestigious corporate business awards for the recognition of industries and brands in various corporate sectors. In the year 2017, Risara Properties had been awarded for the Best Real Estate Brand of the Year for its uncountable wide contribution to the real estate sector and for building one-of-a-kind homes.



Delivering satisfaction is what keeps us running. Our customers' appreciation works like pearls for us.

Mangesh Dalvi

"It's a pleasure to write this address to my name. Good amenities with well maintained landscape gardens, and lots of peace. It is only the sound you make; else there is pin drop silence."

Melda & Jude Dennis

"My House has turned out beyond my wildest dreams, and way beyond the 'little box on the hillside'. The practical design, high standard of workmanship, the quality of materials used in construction and the personalized services was excellent. From the start to finish we were very impressed with the whole process and grateful for your services."

Rosario D'Souza

"Picked it up about 8-9 years back , it was Gaurang's 1st project and bought it only on his word. Years on now I feel I did one of my life's best investment by having bought the 3 BHK Apartment at Prudential Palms by Risara Properties as its the best society around in Porvorim. Superb quality of work ! The staff were most helpful all along the time the construction was going on to assist me with my requirements which is mostly lacking nowadays with other builders. I wish Gaurang and his team all the very best in their future projects so that a lot more people can have a reason to smile !"

Amit Kataria & Evgeniya Matyushina

"We purchased our home from Prudential Group (now Risara Properties) in 2007. Right from the start we found their people to be very customer centric and highly competent. We find that even small details related to choice of material, interior, maintenance and landscaping have been very beautifully thought about. Years later, our property is admired by visitors, and it is still the best development in the locality. We are happy with the quality of life and the investment. Risara Properties has set the standard in excellent architecture, modern interiors and timely execution."